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融融合唱团于1980年在Walnut Creek由UC Berkeley的几个台湾留学生家庭倡议成立, 至今已有三十多年历史. 合唱团的团名取意"以歌会友, 其乐融融."

自1989年以来, 融融合唱团举办年度音乐会, 并曾多次应邀参与湾区的表演活动. 在过去几年, 我们成功地参与了两场为四川地震举办的赈灾义演, 湾区首届春晚, 著名男低音歌唱家孙禹音乐会, 著名指挥家郑小瑛女士土楼回声音乐会, 及融融音乐会.

融融合唱团将平时的练唱安排在东湾的Pleasanton. 现在的成员们来自两岸三地. 共同的中华文化和对歌唱的爱好把大家联系在一起. 练唱和表演使我们身心得以调剂, 情操得以陶冶, 音乐知识得以提高.

如果你有兴趣学习, 运用, 和提高你的合唱技巧, 欢迎参加我们这个团体!

联系方式: rongrongsingers@hotmail.com or 925-577-5850 (Jane Wen)


Three decades ago, Rong Rong Singers (a.k.a. the Harmony Singers) was formed by a small number of amateur singing enthusiasts.

Since 1989, Rong Rong Singers has been hosting concerts and participating in various musical events in the Bay Area.  In the last couple of years, we hosted two Rong Rong Singers concerts, participated in two benefit performances for the May 12th Wenchuan Earthquake victims in China and Bay Area Chinese New Year celebration concerts. In 2009, we performed with the world class Baritone, Mr. Yu Sun in his solo concert in San Francisco and also participated in the “Songs From Fu Jian Tu Lou” Concert.

We strive to promote intercultural communication and understanding; we aim to enrich the quality of life for local community, particularly in the Tri-Valley area.

If you are interested in joining the group, please contact: rongrongsingers@hotmail.com or 925-577-5850 (Jane)


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